Tesla Model Y impresses in ‘moose test’

Tesla Model Y has been put through the “moose test,” and it impressed with its nimbleness for an SUV.

The “moose test” is an evasive maneuver test that consists of determining how well a certain vehicle can evade a suddenly appearing obstacle that could take an entire lane – like a big moose – hence the name.

Electric vehicles can perform very well on these tests since they can be designed with a low center of gravity and great weight distribution.

If the suspension is tuned correctly to handle the weight, EVs can perform well. Tesla vehicles have been put through the moose test regularly.

Spanish car magazine km77 put Tesla’s Model X through the test four years ago and performed OK.

Two years ago, the Tesla Model 3 faced the moose test and aced it.

Now the Model Y, the Model 3’s bigger yet younger sibling, has been put through the moose test by km77:

Unsurprisingly, since it’s extremely similar to Model 3, it did very well on the test.

km77 commented:

Considering the reaction and speed at the entrance, and the ease of driving, the Tesla Model Y has to be one of best cars that we have ever put through the moose test.

One of the team members even managed to go through the test without touching the cones when coming in at 82 km/h (51 mph).

SUVs tend to not do as well on these types of tests, and some argue that the Model Y is not really an SUV, despite having equivalent interior space. But the Model Y was comparable to some of the best sedans that they have tested, including the Tesla Model 3 and Ford Focus.

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