The cheap solar-powered car you might never need to charge [Video]

Imagine a car that can charge using the sun, generate an income via a car-sharing scheme, and is also affordable to buy. Sounds like a pipe dream, right? Think again – say hello to Sono Motors’ Sion electric car.

[This is part of an ongoing collaboration between Electrek and Fully Charged.]

Solar-powered car

We head to northern Munich to see how the 2015 prototype of the Sion has advanced to a 2021 version, which has 7.5 square meters (81 square feet) of solar panels now beautifully integrated into this spacious and practical electric car. With an average of 70 miles of range being added every week from just being parked outside, and up to 150 on a sunny week, you could feasibly do all of your driving using solar power. But don’t panic, you can still charge by plug if you need extra miles!

The Sion might lack luxury and have less tech than other electric cars on the market, but this is what is so great about it, as this car is designed to be affordable. Also, which other EV do you know of that has moss inside the dashboard? It’s straightforward, simple, and makes so much sense. Have a watch below:

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