A Mini-Heatwave Is Expected to Hit the UK With Temperatures Reaching 23 Degrees Celsius

Meteorologists anticipate that the UK will experience a mini-heatwave beginning next week, with temperatures gradually rising to as high as 22 degrees Celsius or 23 degrees Celsius in the south later in the month.

Cambridge is expected to receive several hours of sunshine today, as the warm weather continues through the weekend and into next week.

According to the Met Office, towns like Cambridge and Ely will have magnificent sunshine throughout day, with some regions hitting highs of 20 degrees Celsius.

A mini heatwave across UK


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After an April in which average maximum temperatures were typically above normal and the UK had approximately a third less rain than usual, sunny and dry weather will prevail in the south.

The weather is expected to warm up over the next several days as high pressure sweeps through the UK, with temperatures reaching 21 degrees Celsius in southern England on Thursday and 17 degrees Celsius as far north as Aberdeen in Scotland.

Temperatures will fall somewhat on Friday.

However they may reach 20 degrees Celsius in southern and eastern England, with the weekend expected to be dry and pleasant due to high pressure, as per The Guardian.

According to the BBC forecast, the jet stream crossing the UK early next week will cause wind and rain in the north and sprinkles in the south-east, although it would still be hotter than average for the time of year.

The Met Office predicted pervasive settled weather next week, with such a rain constrained to western and northern areas.

Temperature and pressure are expected to increase above average within the first few days, except close to the coast and possibly in the far north, that might see relatively cool circumstances, and it is expected to become warm, possibly very warm, later in the period.

A heatwave is characterized as three or more days of temperatures reaching or above a specific threshold.

Moving towards the second part of May, more unstable weather will bring rain or showers.

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Much heat will experienced by residents in Cambridgeshire

Because of a high-pressure system produced by south-westerly winds from the Azores, temperatures in the south of England are predicted to remain in the high teens and low 20s, as per Cambridge News.

According to the Met Office, a high of 23 degrees Celsius is likely on Monday, with values in the high teens for the most of the south of England.

Furthermore, the Met Office’s prognosis for the East of England today is that any low cloud will lift to reveal a lovely and sunny day.

There will be some overcast throughout the afternoon, with somewhat colder temperatures along the shore, with a maximum temperature 19 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologist Dan Stroud predicted sunny periods throughout most of England and Wales during the next week or two, with temperatures cooling in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Next week, however, is a bit of a mixed bag, according to Stroud.

Temperatures will be largely above normal for a significant amount of next week, but there will be bands of cloud and rain around at times, so it won’t be smooth sailing all the way through.

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