Deadliest Animals: Top 5 Most Dangerous Creatures You May Encounter in North Florida

North Florida harbors unique animals that could be difficult to find in any other part of the United States. Those in search of strange creatures should be highly cautioned because some of these animals could cause actual harm.

Researchers have been able to track some of North Florida’s most dangerous animals. Here are some of them.

Florida panther

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The Brown Recluse

This spider is one of the deadliest species of spiders you can find. Although they are not species endemic to Florida, brown recluse could be seen in large numbers in counties of North Florida including the Alachua, Duval, Bay, Jefferson, and Leon.

It’s a tiny creature, but if you get bitten by this venomous arachnid in any way, you could be sent to a hospital. This spider has a strange behavior of acting dead until you get close.

If you’re not very fortunate, they can wake up unexpectedly and bite you. A man, 62, lost his life after he was bitten by a brown recluse in February 2014. Treatment for the Brown Recluse’s venom hasn’t been discovered yet.

The Northern Black Widow

Four categories of Black Widow spiders can be found in Florida, namely: The Southern Black Widow, the Northern Black Widow, the Red Widow, and the Brown Widow.

This spider can be seen anywhere from North Florida to Canada. Typically, its female is big, and her body can differ from 8 to 15 mm in size.

The male Black Widow spiders are usually small in size and are not as venomous as their female counterparts.

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Florida Black Bear

Black Bears can be found in every part of Florida.

In North Florida, they are mostly found in Jacksonville and its surrounding regions. Black Bears are the largest terrestrial animals inhabitting North Florida.

The population of this species has been classified as an endangered species because of the high rate of hunting activities. Black Bears are 80% vegetarian and this makes them harmless unless they are been provoked. 

Pygmy Rattlesnake

Another dangerous creature that can be seen in the Greater Jacksonville area is Pygmy Rattlesnake. A matured pygmy rattlesnake can be between 12 to 21 inches long and are extremely venomous. The bite of pygmy rattlesnake causes excruciating pain, but it’s usually not deadly.


Copperhead snakes can only be found in the Panhandle region of North Florida.

Copperhead snakes are venomous but are not regarded as a creature that can threaten one’s life. Its bite can cause extreme pain. And the name of this snake is gotten from the shape of its copper-red head.


(Photo : Pixabay)

Florida Panther

Florida Panthers are impressively beautiful but have almost gone extinct.

It’s estimated that not up to 100 panthers wander all over the Northern counties of Baker, Putnam, St. Johns, Nassau Duval, and Clay, as per FWC.

Panthers are arboreal animals that prey on little animals and at times they hunt by stealth. Stay very alert if you come across a Florida Panther.

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