Dog-Lovers Rescue 27 Puppies From Being Euthanized in an Alabama Shelter

Footage of a woman along with her two friends on a small plane flying 27 puppies so they will be saved from being euthanised has gone viral.


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The Viral Video

Cassandra Bergeron, a dog-lover who stuffed the puppies into a small plane, flying them from Alabama to Florida so they can be save from being euthanised recorded the video.

As per a report in The Daily Mail, the TikTok video has gotten more than 13.4 million views. The caption of the post is “Guess how many puppies we rescued?” The video shows Cassandra Bergeron sitting with some puppies close to the pilot, while her friends were with the others at the back of the plane.

When Ms Bergeron was speaking to Daily Paws she said she kept on smiling all through. She said, “I was in pure bliss. I didn’t want to land.” 

The video was made on the 29th of September when Ms Bergeron and her friends were called by a pilot friend to save the animals.

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The Journey

The women got in touch with Michael Young, a pilot who is also a professor at University of Central Florida. As a part of the Alabama Puppy Rescue Flights, Mr Young has come to the rescue of more than 7,000 shelter dogs, reported The Daily Mail.

Bergeron said that the animals were happy to see the women after they arrived, the puppies even played with them until boarding time.

The women did not pack or carry anything that occupied a lot of space so the plane will fit the puppies. 

The video was made during their fight of about 45 minutes from the animal shelter located in Enterprise, Alabama, to Florida where the animals were given to rescue volunteers who carried tham to the shelters in Orlando.

Newsweek reported that families have been adopted all the puppies.


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Social Media Users React to the Video

Due to overcrowding, a lot of southern states in the US have been compelled to humanely put animals to death in shelters.

About 44,000 social media users left their comment on the touching viral video. commented: “Are you trying to tell me being on a plane filled with dozens of puppies is an option in life? I’m signing up.”

@TxTikTokKt said: “They must be flying…FUR-st class…..ok I’ll see myself out.”

 @Maybee comment said: “Somewhere in the sky there might be a plane full of puppies, such a comforting thought.”

Puppies weigh about 22 lb and they usually live in a small backyard. They are always happy to see people. The best thing about puppies is how sweet they are.

In order for your puppy to learn how to behave correctly in certain situations, you have to be consistent with their training sessions and take them for walks regularly so that they feel comfortable being around other dogs. 

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