Oregon Weather: Torrential Rain Causes High Water Levels, While Snow Falls on Cascade Mountain Passes

Following one of the wettest and coldest Aprils on record, the pattern is anticipated to continue with a week of rain, thunderstorms, and mountain snow, which could make driving through the Cascade Range passes challenging this weekend.

According to the National Weather Service in Portland, 1.5 to 2.5 inches of rain is forecast in the Willamette Valley from Thursday to the weekend, with amounts up to 3 to 5 inches in the mountains.

Oregon will experience heavy rain


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The rain should be spread out enough to avoid major flooding, although minor flooding may occur in low-lying sections of Salem and along the Willamette River on Sunday and Monday.

Low-lying walkways and parkades along the Willamette River may be disrupted as water levels rise during the next several days, according to a press release from the City of Salem.

The rising water might have an impact on Minto-Brown Island Park, Wallace Marine Park, and other riverside locations.

Evenings and early mornings at mountain pass elevations such as Santiam and Willamette crossings may bring snow-covered roadways ranging from 6 to 13 inches deep, with quantities significantly higher over 5,000 feet.

For Friday evening to 11 a.m., a winter weather alert has been issued. this Saturday

The statement stated that brief heavy snowfall rates of approximately one inch per hour are expected at times, decreasing visibility and quickly turning roadways from wet to slippery or snow-covered.

As of Thursday, Salem has received 34.98 inches of rain, slightly more than its 34.7-inch normal, and this system is expected to push it even farther ahead.

Portland has received 33.91 inches of rain, which is more than its normal of 30.44 inches.

Only Eugene, which had some unusual rainfall readings in the 1990s, remains below average, with 31.93 inches of rain compared to an average of 35.28.

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There will be a difficulty in travel due to weather

However, it might make travel tough this weekend. The prediction says that people can expect winter travel circumstances during the night and early morning, but that snow will have trouble accumulating at key passes around lunchtime and in the afternoon.

Snow will be difficult to adhere to paved surfaces throughout the late morning and afternoon hours, according to meteorologist Colby Neuman of the National Weather Service Portland.

Because the sun is so powerful this time of year, enough of its energy will pass through the clouds to maintain paved surfaces at or near freezing during the day or afternoon.

While Neuman feels the new snow will be great for skiing, he warns people not to try climbing on peaks such as Mount Hood, despite the fact that April is volcano-climbing season in Oregon.

In reality, it might be really dangerous, with very bad light conditions, he argues. As they climb higher, it will get chilly and windy.

They believe they’re looking at earlier today, and by Sunday, the temperature at 10,000 feet is expected to be in the high single digits to low teens. At 10,000 feet above sea level, wind chills will be below zero.

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