Vegan Who Refused Vaccine Due to Animal Testing Dies of Covid Complications

The virus killed a vegan who refused the covid immunization because scientists tested it on animals. During his two-week struggle for his life, Glynn Steel, 54, implored staff for the injection.

But it was too late, and on November 16, he died. “I have never felt so bad. I wish I’d received the vaccine,” he told his wife, Emma, in his last words.

Glynn was just two months away from turning 55, and he had decided to retire and spend his leisure time traveling and caring for animals.

Testaments from his Vaccinate Wife

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Administered At Colorado Fire Department

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Emma, 50, vaccinated twice, says she now faces “an empty future alone” and has urged everyone to get the vaccination.

She stated, ” “I urge everyone I know to be vaccinated.

“Glynn’s final words to me were, “I have never felt so bad; I wish I had taken the vaccination.” It was a heartbreaking experience.

“When he was in intensive care before being put on life support, he asked for the vaccination, but they told it was too late.

“Every night, I’ve been bawling myself dehydrated, letting the tears run like a torrent in the morning and waking up weeping in the night.

“It’s having to tell people who loved him that they’ll never see him again and seeing their grief; I’m accustomed to making people laugh, not weep.”

“He was a lovely soul, a vegan who refused to take the Covid vaccination since it had been tested on animals.”

Discouraged by Trial Ethics

Glynn, a field service engineer, looked after six rescued cats and dogs at his Malvern home, including bringing a puppy in need back from a vacation in Sri Lanka.

After reading that companies like Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson tested their products on animals, he grew apprehensive about getting the vaccination.

Glyn had a cold at first, which worsened with time; on October 27, he tested positive for Covid.

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Rushed to the Hospital

COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out Expands To All Victorians 40 And Over

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His condition quickly deteriorated due to his age and lack of vaccination, and Emma had to contact an ambulance on November 2.

However, she was told that none were accessible, so she was obliged to drive her comatose 19-stone husband to the hospital independently.

When Emma arrived at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, she said 12 ambulances were waiting outside.

“I’m still not sure how I got him in my car; he was so hefty in the hospital that I couldn’t even push him in a wheelchair,” she continued.

“Eventually, a young kid emerged and offered to assist; he was there because his mother was also sick and couldn’t obtain an ambulance, so he had to take her to the hospital with me.”

Responders took Glynn to intensive care right afterward, but by the 10th, he was on life support and in a coma.

“I was with him when he died,” Emma stated. I couldn’t touch him since I was wearing full PPE, but they played his favorite song by the Sex Pistols, and I stayed with him till the end.”

Glynn died about 20 minutes after his life support was switched off. Emma says she can’t envision living without him even two weeks after his death.

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