10 Fashion Trends That Are Super Dangerous

Fashion fads come and go—but did you know that some fashion trends are downright dangerous?
One day you’re in the in-crowd, and the next day your skin is falling off and your lungs are melting! Join Michael Aranda for a fun new episode of SciShow!
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Fatal Victorian Fashion and the Allure of the Poison Garment

Deadly Victorian fashions

Arsenic Pigments
Drop Dead Gorgeous: A TL;DR Tale of Arsenic in Victorian Life
Asbestos Fabric
Mercury Hats

Ending the Danbury Shakes: A Story of Workers’ Rights and Corporate Responsibility
Lead Makeup

Radioactive Cosmetics: Makeup of the Atomic Era

Tho-Radia: Cosmética luminosa
Celluloid Combs and Other Accessories

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