Ancient Genetics that Occur Today: Atavisms Revealed

Did you know that traits in animal species can re-appear in a new generation hundreds of years later? These ancient reappearing genetics are called Atavisms, and they can help us understand amazing things, like how limbs actually grow! Join us for a fascinating video, hosted by Hank Green.

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Dollo’s Law/Atavisms
Cetacean Hind Limbs
Limpet Shell Twists
Soil Mite Sex
Big Bone Worm Males

Crepidula fornicata (common Atlantic slipper snail) attached to a Strombus alatus shell (Cayo Costa Island, USA) 4
Tiny Shiny Mite
Tiny Mite
Tiny Mite
Male Osedax Bone Worm
Female Osedax priapus

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