D!NG (formerly DONG):

Jake unboxing the latest Curiosity Box (SPOILERS):

Other great videos on this topic:

“The gyro effect explained, without math” from Matthias Wandel

also see

“Gyroscopic precession — An intuitive explanation” from TheHue’s SciTech

“Gyroscopic Precession” from Veritasium

“Anti-Gravity Wheel?” from Veritasium

“Bizarre spinning toys” from Physics Girl

“Can a satellite do a yo-yo trick?” from Practical Engineering

wiki pages about gyroscopes and circular motion:

centripetal force:

xkcd on Centrifugal Force:

Eötvös effect:

Long Range Shooting: External Ballistics – The Coriolis Effect

Music by and

Good-lookin’ 3D graphics by Eric Langlay:

mid-tier 2D animations by me.


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