Who Took The First Selfie?

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White House tour social media ban:


Stele of Sculptor Bek with his wife Taheret

Chauvet cave:

“Exploring the Selfie”:

What’s the Difference between a Selfie and a Self-Portrait?

What’s the Difference between a Selfie and a Self-Portrait?

Selfies and the history of self-portrait photography

Chimp looking in water image:

Smithsonian Magazine article on Cornelius:

Smithsonian archive page for Fitz’s selfie:

Hippolyte Bayard:

“Is Cereal Soup?” Vsauce video:

MV Lobethal:

Mirror selfie from Ginnigan on reddit:

Byron extended arm selfie:

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova:

Perkins teenage self-portrait:

early selfie sticks:

Byron “usie”:

Jhoane Baterna-Pateña:

Historical images re-imagined as selfies:

Vivian Maier:

instant cameras:

Michael Collins’ reverse-selfie:

First selfie-stick patent:

Lester Wisbrod:


Seventeen Girl Days
Blog Post 6: Hiromix

First camera phone picture:

1997: Birth of the Camera Phone

“Here I Am Taking My Own Picture” (nytimes) 2006:

Oldest recorded use of “seflie”:
(archive of forum post):

Aussie slang:

Small Poppy Syndrome: Why are Australians so Obsessed With Nicknaming Things?

Australian English: A Totes Amazeballs Lingo

“selfie” as word of the year:

Word of the Year


“The Return of the Selfie” (New Yorker):

Kardashian belfie pic:

Belfie stick:


additional images:

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